Aimée Niemann

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Photo: Julia Sutton
Aimée Niemann is a Colorado born violinist, dancer, and noise artist based in Brooklyn. She seeks to blur the lines between sound and movement both in construction and perception.

She is a founding member of Quartet Dō, who through the timeless vessel of the string quartet bridge the gap between old and new music. Aimée is also the violinist in Echo Chamber, an ensemble dedicated to performing new works specially commissioned for its distinctive instrumentation.

Aimee has played with Alvin Lucier, Christian Wolff, Jeffrey Ziegler, and Paul Elwood. She has premiered and recorded works for solo violin and has performed as a soloist in New York’s Dynamic Music Festival, Pulsing and Shaking, as well as the Next Festival for Emerging artists, the Aquilla New Music Concert Series, and the Open Space Festival for new music.

In addition to performing, Aimée is currently an adjunct professor of violin at New York University. She also teaches at Tone Academy of Music and regularly coaches and performs at the String Quartet Program of Northern Colorado.

Aimée holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Northern Colorado and is currently pursuing her Master of Music degree from New York University where studies with Anton Miller.