Don’t Say A Word

Here at Spaceship Echo, we’re thrilled to announce the online premiere of the music video for Don’t Say A Word—a piece we commissioned back in 2015 from composer Pascal Le Boeuf—following the video’s inclusion in the 2018 Triskelion Arts Dance Film Festival. Check out the video—a collaboration with Kyle Marshall and Myssi Robinson, Four/Ten Media, and Echo Chamber—below! It’s a beautiful film, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world.

Don’t Say A Word is an interdisciplinary collaborative work that presents an inversion of stereotyped gender-based behaviors through dance, spoken-word, music, and one-shot film. According to the theories of psychologists Bettina J. Casad and Breanna R. Wexler, gender presents a lens through which all people view their social environments, and stereotypes are “cognitive shortcuts” that allow us to “process large amounts of information quickly.”

Don’t Say A Word challenges our awareness of this process by inviting us to question how gender stereotypes affect our judgements, feelings, and actions. Both the text (in Arabic, voiced by cellist Aya Terki) and the choreography (by Myssi Robinson and Kyle Marshall) present characters that deliberately defy these stereotypes.

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