Our 2nd Season

We’re coming back from our summer break with some exciting concerts in the works for our second season! More exciting announcements to come about some of the composers we’re working with this season (including composer-double bassist prodigy Florent Ghys, composer-vocalist Derek Piotr, and a collaboration with performance duo SlashSound). Before we do that, we’re running a pre-season appeal to help fund our commissioning activities for 2016-2017.

Part of commissioning new works is a fair fee for the composer; this is where YOU come in! We could only make this new music happen through the support of contemporary music lovers like you. By making a tax-deductible donation to Echo Chamber, you help our emerging ensemble work with some of the most talented composers of the 21st century, allowing us to bring their music to new ears through concerts in New York City and beyond.

We make no secret of the fact that we love contemporary music; join us in bringing new works by composers we truly believe in to life! We offer some modest perks for supporting Echo Chamber; check them out on the support page.

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