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Crowd Control

Hello internet! Things have been quiet on the blog since we funded our Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, raising over $3300 from more than 50 individual backers. We’re incredibly thankful for everybody’s generosity in pledging to support our project, as well as for spreading the word. The four commissioned composers—Brooks Frederickson, Matt Frey, Molly Joyce, and Pascal Le Boeuf—have all turned in their pieces, and we’ve been hard at work over the past 6 weeks learning their notes and rhythms. All the composers have also stopped by our rehearsals to hear their works in progress, and we’ve been planning some exciting (top-secret) projects that will stem from these pieces. Keep your eyes peeled!

The result of this Kickstarter campaign will be the final concert of our first season in existence, which we’re calling Crowd Control. The program will feature the world premieres of the new works funded by Kickstarter, as well as two commissioned pieces that we premiered earlier this year at Pulsing & Shaking 2016, at NYU: BIRDS, by Gemma Peacocke; and Light Echo, by me, Kyle Tieman-Strauss. The concert will be on May 20 at the DiMenna Center, Benzaquen Hall, at 7:30p. We can’t wait to see you there and celebrate the fantastic new works you helped bring into the world!

PS, here’s a fun photo from our performance on Pulsing & Shaking, where we premiered the aforementioned works, as well as played two works from our repertoire by Florent Ghys and Angélica Negrón.


More soon.



A few days ago, we launched a shiny new Kickstarter campaign to help us fund 4 commissions for new works from some of our favorite composers, Brooks Frederickson, Matt Frey, Molly Joyce, and Pascal Le Boeuf. It’s called the Echo Chamber Commissioning Fund. We’re incredibly excited to bring these new works to life, which will be permanent parts of our repertoire. Here’s a blurb about the campaign from the project page:

We need your help to bring these new works to fruition! We’re hoping to raise $2,000 through this campaign to help augment our Commissioning Fund, so we can pay each of these four fantastic composers a fair rate for their work. All of the money we raise will go directly to the composers and their work. If we exceed our goal, the additional funds will help cover other costs associated with the concert, including space rental and making a great audio-video recording.

Amazingly, we’ve already exceeded that original goal (within 24 hours of launch, no less!), thanks to a bunch of super generous supporters. With our first stretch goal, we’re hoping to bring our pledges to $3,500, to cover the costs for space and make a high-quality video of the premieres of these pieces.

We hope you’ll consider backing our project—tis the season!—and sharing with fellow New Music lovers! THANK YOU.


Thanksgiving Update

I thought impending Thanksgiving would be a good time to write an update to our blog. First of all, we have a show coming up on DECEMBER 6 @ 8p at the Firehouse Space (246 Frost St., Bklyn). We’ll be performing some fantastic music by Florent Ghys, Angélica Negrón, and Tristan Perich. But wait! Echo Chamber are just half of the program—we’re sharing with the intrepid Exceptet, who are playing a boatload of music written especially for them.

Here’s a video of us playing Florent’s piece on our last show, as a little morsel to entice:

Adam and I have been very busy behind the scenes working on some exciting projects with some exciting composers that we can’t wait to share with you! More on those soon. One of the Big Things that we’re looking forward to is an evening-length piece with the vocalist and composer Derek Piotr. The details are still fuzzy, but it will involve recording personal interviews and weaving them into the piece. Watch this space for more dispatches on this coming up!

That’s it for now. See you all at our December show, and have a restful Thanksgiving.